Atom spheres
Atom-Spheres is a collection of 666 uniquely generated Spheres landed on Terra.
6000 Baby-Atom are landing on Cosmos!
Mint on Stargaze:

Spheres and Babies

100% of the royalties will be invested for the community and by the community.
51% in scientific projects + 49% in a mutual wallet.

support science

51% of the royalties will be invested to support a scientific project chosen by the community.

Micro-robots created by Bionaut Labs
Agricultural Science
Optical spectrometer that optimize farming
Energy Engineering
Unlocking the potential of Wave Energy
The solution to the Plastic Waste in your pocket
A second chance to overcome paralysis
Your Project!
You can suggest a project on Discord!


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Lead Developer


Only 666 Atom-Spheres on Randomearth [SOLD OUT] and 6000 Baby-Atom on Stargaze.

90$ STARS for Whitelisted members and 130 $STARS for everyone

02 March 2022

Yes! If you are an Atom-Spheres holder you will have a Baby-Atom for every Spheres you own!

You will be able to mint Atom-Spheres with Terra Station on RandomEarth. For Baby-Atom we reccommend Keplr wallet.

Yes, but only 150 spots. Check discord for more informations!